Collective Leadership Allies Program - US

By I3 Activate (other events)

3 Dates Through Oct 19, 2014

Capacity Building for large-scale transformation and change for leaders and innovators looking for to gain traction in today's increasingly complex business and political environment.. 

If you are a public/private sector or non-profit leader who recognises the increasing need to foster leaders capable of leading collaboratively within and across organisational boundaries, or an HR leader or consultant seeking new ways to enable leaders to create cultural transformation or to develop innovative, collaborative leadership teams that can address complex challenges and opportunities, then this Collective Leadership Program is targeted to you. 

About Us:

PresenceAtWork is a collective leadership development consultancy dedicated to supporting corporate leaders to create environments that foster human creativity and fulfilment, and which tap into the collective wisdom that is needed to solve today's business challenges.  We create learning and development that inspires leadership teams to collaborate and innovate together more effectively, managing through change, growing in resilience and building an engaged and high performing workplace.

In our leadership approach we focus on Authenticity, Presence, Leading from the Collective and Leading from the Emerging Future. We build new, differentiated competencies that are essential for sustainability in today's highly dynamic business environment.


I3 Activate, LLC is an independent company acting as an agent of PresenceAtWork in the US.  We are a consulting, coaching and training company that works with pioneering companies and organizations that are committed to innovation & leading the way toward a safe, just and sustainable way of life for our grandchildren. We see human systems (people, teams, organizations) as both the greatest enabler and the greatest barrier to innovation that matters. We use progressive methodologies and business practices to build organizational vision, strategy and capacity.  Our mission is to co-create "repeatable miracles" with our customers in their markets and eco-systems.

I3 Activate

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